New Apple Mac Book Pro’s out now. oh yeah, which one shall i buy?

We’ve been waiting, watching the rumors, and finally here it is. And the big boys have been quaded.
macbookpro ad 24/02/2011
Looks like new products to the line, two 13″ models, on with a 2.3GHZ duel core i5 processor and the other a nice 2.7GHZ i7. Both with 4GB ram and integrated intel hd 3000 graphics processors. These little beauts will set you back £999 and £1,299 respectively, though the i7 has the slightly larger 500GB hdd. Nothing said about the rumored hybrid.

The 15 inch models come as a 2.0GHZ or 2.2GHZ quad i7, 4GB ram, integrated intel hd 3000 plus AMD (formally ATI) radion discrete graphics chips, the 2GHZ model has AMD Radion HD 6490m with 256MB GDDR5 ram, and 500GB hdd, and the 2.2GHZ has an AMD Radion HD 6750m with 1GB GDDR5 and 720GB hdd. The 15 inchers will set you back £1,549 and £1,849 respectively again. The 17 inch option is the same as the higher spec 15 but with bigger screen, this is fgoing for £2,099. All prices are for the standard base options, there are upgrades available for extra ram, hdd, including ssd.

The real question though, is how much money can i save by purchasing through the university network, luckily i grabbed a few print screens on tuesday of the then current models and their prices for comparison. Just need that inheritance cheque to make an appearence, move some funds around and then its osx heaven, and some boot camp windows 7 action ofcourse, finally a laptop that can use the Hi Def profile in xna 4. Yay.

In brief, quad core i7 is tasty ^_^.

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