Dead Island Discs – Yours For 79p

Dead Island

The supernatural world isn’t what it used to be. Vampires have turned into R-Patz nancies. Werewolves play basketball (for those who are under 30, that’s a Teen Wolf reference…) And zombie game franchises are nothing unless they have their own soundtrack.

Of course, when that game is Dead Island, single-handedly responsible for ripping up the twittersphere with its head-curdling promo vid, we can look the other way. And when the music has become one of the most mashed-up, parodied, yet loved pieces of random internet ephemera of the decade, we might even be vaguely excited. In fact, we might even be tempted to skip along to iTunes and but that sucka – at only 79p, it’s a freakin’ steal!

Well, considering it’s on YouTube, and, er, everywhere, for free, it actually is a steal. Of your money. But hell, that’s what iTunes is for – flittering away your moolah on a load of old wank. So go on, indulge. And here’s the link, because we’re such lovely promo-whores…

Buy me! Buy me!

(And in case you missed it, Dead Island will be a first person, melee based thriller for Xbox 360 and PS3 seeing you battle hordes of zombies with makeshift, customizable weapons. Just thought I’d throw that in – you know, in case anyone here likes games more than downloadable shizzle…)

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