Sega Rally Online confirmed!

Woo hoo! Not that it’s the original – bah!

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2 Responses to Sega Rally Online confirmed!

  1. lartens says:

    Lets hope its a good one, i do like the look of the snowy screenshot.

    • ben says:

      there’s basically one bit of advice to give sega – do less tracks, and keep them tight.

      daytona original – three tracks, awesome. every other version – more tracks, sucked.

      sega rally original – three tracks, awesome (forgetting the fourth that took it into sucks territory). every other version – loads of tracks, sucked. although that’s the thing – the game dynamics were really good, and actually ixbox version played well making it still the best rally game since colin mcrae. but the tracks were just uninspiring so it got dull.

      mario kart original – tight, tricky tracks where you have to use your head to get the best. every other version – loads of tracks where you can just skid all over the shop and basically it makes no difference…

      there you go, sega – mystery solved.

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