Sega Rally/slow news day abound!

Woo! What a hype Evo, huh?! Yeah, I was asleep for the final here in stupid England… but at least Kayo Police was looking good cosplaying as Viper, huh?! What do you mean she’ll probably main Poison in SFxTekken? I don’t follow. Oh well, explain it to me later.

Anyhoo, late to the party talking about Evo we may be, but you can never be too late when once again, we are talking completely off the subject! For indeed, we here at Grig have been experiencing a life altering revolution, getting back in touch with nature! Yes that’s right, we have defied the very foundations that our gaming morals are built upon and have… gulp… ventured into the great wide yonder where the ‘normals’ reside a.k.a outside. But before you demand we hand our Game reward cards in at the door on our way out – the points on which long since forgotten anyway if there are any at all – just hold your horses my Grigs! There is method behind the madness as you will see below! For on our excellent adventure, what may we chance upon?

Sega Rally arcade machine 1
What we have here is a genuine original Sega Rally twin-seater arcade machine photographed in the wild, or more specifically, Hailsham Lagoon leisure centre. What a sight for sore eyes this living legend was as it stood there proudly still running it’s demo over and over as if it was still at the peak of it’s cutting edge 1995 model 2 powers, ignoring the scorn of the days current youth who were passing it by with confused looks on their faces as to what this contraption was.
Sega Rally arcade machine 2
Oh the things it must have seen! Although saying that, it doesn’t even have any trademark fag burns on it, let alone reek of the cigarette smoke of a battalion of ‘cool’ 15 year olds. Where the grig has this thing been?

I expect these days it would be grateful for as much of a Slush Puppy spillage on it’s seats. If they even make those any more. At least that type of abuse would be better than the odd 4 year old who occasionally sat down at it rocking from side to side on the wheel before losing interest. Scum. Subhuman scum.
Sega Rally arcade machine 3
In other arcade news, we also chanced upon a Daytona USA 2 coin-op outside the cafe in Hamden Park! We again ventured into the abyss where the wild things are to encounter this maestro of model 3 majesty but had to retreat when we found it crawling with the holidaying hoodlums from the local primary school who were looking particularly rowdy and menacing. Hoping to avoid any conflict, we thought it best not to disturb their activities which primarily appeared to involve traversing the coin op like it was some kind of derelict climbing frame and disrespecting it by smearing their ice cream emblazoned mits all over it’s once luxurious arcade upholstery. Again, scum. But we’ll be back! Might just have to wait for all the thugs to go back to school first.

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3 Responses to Sega Rally/slow news day abound!

  1. lartens says:

    woah, first of all, what an earth were you doing in the leisure center, and second, sega rally here in the sham, daytona 2 hampden park. where’s street fighter 2? the hunt is on

  2. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    That would be amazing! I was thinking of getting my own and was looking on arcade world only yesterday! Kinda steep though. Drats ahoy! I also saw a Mario Kart coin op at the David Lloyd bowling place in Eastbourne. Didn’t even know they had those! Plus with that shop GameTec opening in Hampden Park, they’re going game crazy out there in that thar world!

  3. bedgell says:

    yeah but which mario kart is it? cos i did see one ina motorway services and we, it wasn’t classic snes. i’m prepared to accept updates to almost any franchise but we all know where i stand on mario kart. might build me an arcade with just one of those old wooden tellies and my snes. old school

    anyhoo, the sega rally news is awes – though the last time i went to the lagoon that kid got run over and i had to hide in the attic. drats.

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