Video Nasties for Dear Old Bats

Well, the fun just keeps on coming. The new Batman game is looking like a peach – Batman: Arkham City has tranferred all of Gotham’s loons into a brand-spankers new complex that sprawls across the city like a big fat nutcase relaxing on the sofa after a cheeseburger-fest. And the city is so much bigger than their previous den in the asylum that there’s clearly going to be a wider variety of hijinx for the nutjobs – and dear old Bats – to get up to.

Even in this vid there’s helicopter action and explosions ahoy – as well as plenty of head-busting, rib-crushing, grapple-firing tastiness. Ooh, and Catwoman too. But if moving pictures ain’t your thing, check out the new art below. Riddler-tastic.

As we revealed just a few days ago, this little looker is headed our way on October 21st – and it’s clearly shaping up to knock seven shades of shiznit from its already worthy predecessor. And that, game-fans, is simply Bat-tabulous.

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