Video Nasties for Dear Old Bats

Well, the fun just keeps on coming. The new Batman game is looking like a peach – Batman: Arkham City has tranferred all of Gotham’s loons into a brand-spankers new complex that sprawls across the city like a big fat nutcase relaxing on the sofa after a cheeseburger-fest. And the city is so much bigger than their previous den in the asylum that there’s clearly going to be a wider variety of hijinx for the nutjobs – and dear old Bats – to get up to.

Even in this vid there’s helicopter action and explosions ahoy – as well as plenty of head-busting, rib-crushing, grapple-firing tastiness. Ooh, and Catwoman too. But if moving pictures ain’t your thing, check out the new art below. Riddler-tastic.

As we revealed just a few days ago, this little looker is headed our way on October 21st – and it’s clearly shaping up to knock seven shades of shiznit from its already worthy predecessor. And that, game-fans, is simply Bat-tabulous.

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1 Response to Video Nasties for Dear Old Bats

  1. lartens says:

    Nobody kills the bat but me. haha, i’m still hung up on the dc universe trailer. basically anything batman at the moment looks super awesome, it must be the dark grittyness of a crazed city, gives it a different edge to the sandbox type games. the bat grapple thing looks like fun though, takes me back to the good ol days where games were games, and i had no understanding of programming or how they were made, and just wanted to reach platforms that wasn’t in the normal order of game play.

    saying that though, its been a long long while, but wasn’t there a grappling thingamabob in twilight princess. really must finish that sucka.

    I should think by the release of arkham city i would of at least finished arkham asylum. How you getting on with that big B?

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