Today, in 1994…


Street Fighter II Turbo was released in the arcades 20 years ago yesterday (the 23rd. This post made a lot more sense when I was writing it actually on the 23rd. Y’know, before my phone battery died and left me writing it a day late… Hehe…)

This surprised me as it seems like it should have been earlier than that. I mean, if it was only in arcades in 1994, then when did it hit the SNES?!

Still, this is from a blog called This Day in 1994 so you gotta hope they’ve got a clue…

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  1. lartens says:

    turbo was quite a bit later than the original wasn’t it? i think i had street fighter 2 american import summer of 92 so it was defo in tbe corner shop brfore then.
    was champion edition before turbo? in which case 94 makes sense for turbo

  2. Dibbs says:

    That logo is Super SF2 Turbo which came out in the arcades in 94. If you may remember people also referred to Champion Edition as Street Fighter ’92, which was the second iteration of SF2, but they didn’t screw around and released turbo at the end of ’92. Get that money’s worth!
    Turbo came out on MD (SCE) and SNES toward the end of summer ’93. It was like the longest year of my life waiting for it. And well worth it!

    • bedgell says:

      So wait – turbo on the SNES was the one with the purple label with e-honda fighting Sagat, right?!

      • Dibbs says:

        Yeah. SF2 Turbo (hyper fighting) is a different game to Super SF2 Turbo, which is the pic you’ve used with Akuma in the background. The closest the megadrive and SNES got was regular Super SF2 (The New Challengers) which didn’t have Akuma or Super moves.

        Basically, the original SF2 games went:
        SF2 The World Warrior
        SF2 Champion Edition
        SF2 Turbo Hyper Fighting
        Super SF2 The New Challengers
        Super SF2 Turbo

        There have been updates since then like Anniversary Edition, Turbo Revival and HD Remix, but those five I’ve listed we’re the original run of games.

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