The unique thing about this…


… And the only reason really to post it is that Chun Li looks hot in it. Because, of course, I know Chunners is hot, or thought of as hot, or remembered as hot – but just count the number of posters, manuals, game stills, wallpapers or deviant art hentais of the Li-Meister where they actually get this across. They always seem to make her too chunky, with ridiculously massive thighs, or with an ugly face, or pulling a weird expression. Even worse? Chun Li cosplay. Without exception, those are horrendous.

Attention ugly people of the world! You do not look like or match up to the Chunster! Give it up!

Strangely, by contrast, Cammy is nearly always hot in whatever guise she pops up. Probably, though I’m guessing here, because the arse/thong situation is usually prominently featured so, y’know, who cares about the rest huh?

On the subject of cosplay (sort of. I know that was a few minutes ago…), it’s interesting to ponder if you’d want to marry a girl who did a good cosplay Cammy. Because, yes, she is, by definition, hot. But also, she dresses up as a video games character so she is, by definition, weird. Like, I’d kind of like a girl to do it. But I’d also totally judge her for it. As ever, thoughts on this thorniest of problems on a comment-shaped postcard, please.

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