I’m deep in eBay’s web

This is a good example of how my recent situation with eBay has developed. I don’t even own a Mega CD and yet here I am – in a bidding war for Final Fight CD. Good game though – if it is mint, how much shall I go up to?!?

The process usually goes –
ooh yeah, it’s be cool to own that! I bet I could get it cheap on eBay.

To – I’ll bid on a few and see if I can land a bargain… What’s 50 quid here and there?!

To – damn it to hell! Missed that sucker by 10 quid! I should totally have bid 60. Right, next one I’m going 80 just to be sure.

To – you motherpackers! You’re not winning this one! 85! Eat that! What the…?! Oh, 100 is it?! Well how about you take 115 in your PayPal pipe and smoke it up yo ass!

To – man, I’m so broke. I’d really rather be able to afford food than have this master system converter under my bed.

Know what I mean?!

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