I’m deep in eBay’s web

This is a good example of how my recent situation with eBay has developed. I don’t even own a Mega CD and yet here I am – in a bidding war for Final Fight CD. Good game though – if it is mint, how much shall I go up to?!?

The process usually goes –
ooh yeah, it’s be cool to own that! I bet I could get it cheap on eBay.

To – I’ll bid on a few and see if I can land a bargain… What’s 50 quid here and there?!

To – damn it to hell! Missed that sucker by 10 quid! I should totally have bid 60. Right, next one I’m going 80 just to be sure.

To – you motherpackers! You’re not winning this one! 85! Eat that! What the…?! Oh, 100 is it?! Well how about you take 115 in your PayPal pipe and smoke it up yo ass!

To – man, I’m so broke. I’d really rather be able to afford food than have this master system converter under my bed.

Know what I mean?!

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5 Responses to I’m deep in eBay’s web

  1. Dibbs says:

    I think I must have my priorities wrong coz I’d rather have a crack at eating a Master System converter than using my money wisely buying food.

    So did you get Final Fight CD? I guess I never really checked how much it goes for these days since I have it, s’pose I’ve never really had the need to look it up.

    P.S, don’t worry if you don’t actually have a Mega CD – you can still play the music by putting it in a CD player and it makes for a darn fine album!

  2. bedgell says:

    Haha good point – might have to bid again! It’s still live but it’s up to 16 dibbers. If I could actually play it, I’d pay that – but definite risk I won’t find a mega cd I can afford and be left with this as a trinket… Hehe

    Speaking of which, I gotta post something else about boot fairs…

    • Dibbs says:

      Y’know, we never actually beat Final Fight CD. Those cheeky gets took the unlimited continues out of the Euro version while the Japanese – who are always on a skill level above the rest of the world anyway – got to keep it!

      Perhaps we could have a crack at it when you come down. The Grig must triumph!

  3. lartens says:

    man i’m with you on the 115. so many 1-2 dabloons above what i bid makes me just bid 10-15 more than i would. more often than not i’m the guy 1-2 more than i woulda. but yes i have also been maxed out.

    damn that final fight, i remember it taught us a lesson not too long ago.

  4. bedgell says:

    Went for 19 doubloons in the end (plus postage). Prob worth it if I had. Mega cd… But no sucker has yet decided to sell me one. What punks!

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