Sonic Generations playable demo available download now for 19 days

Today the 23rd of june see’s a playable demo of sonic generations, it’s the side scrolling level of green hill that’s available, no doubt to reinsure the fans that it’s better than sonic 4 episode 1, which it definately is, i very much enjoyed it that’s for sure, it also has options for sterioscopic 3D if you have the tv to support it.

Now i’m not the grig to ask on how true it plays to old school, that was dibbs core game of his youth. Here are my thoughts though, at first it looked cluttered and it goes by so fast that its hard to take notice of the nice backdrops, but after getting used to the level a bit, and adjusting my eyes to the speed it doesn’t feel cluttered anymore, and its very satisfying to time the jumps just right, though there were a couple of non understandable reasons why sonic slowed down and didn’t run off a ledge the way i expected, that was vvery anying, but trying for a speed run was satisfying, now its not a great time, but it’s only just come out on XBLA and PSN to play. The demo is limited to the 1 level and isn’t available of ever, it seems it will be locked out in 19 days, weather you already downlaoded it or not. Anyhoo, check out the gameplay vid

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2 Responses to Sonic Generations playable demo available download now for 19 days

  1. dylan says:

    how do i download

    • bedgell says:

      i think this sucka will have disappeared from xbla by now – it was only a limited download. even once you downloaded it, you only had, like, 20 days to play it.

      not long til the full game though – and it that’s delayed, no doubt they’ll bring out some more demos

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