Indie Game the Movie back on kickstarter

indie game movie adYou may remember a while ago that 2 people were making a documentary on Indie developers and games, there was a teaser featuring the 2 developers from team meat, the creators fo super meat boy. Well now it’s back on kickstarter to get funding for the polishing of stage, the post production mastering, audio, colour type technical stuff, apparently there’s already a rough cut of the documentary done. There is essentially 2 versions of the dvd, the main documentary with a few extras, and a special edition with a bit more crammed in. Both dvd pledges also gets you the digital distributed version too, which is handy as the special edition comes out later, they’re saying early 2012, whereas the regular should be the end of this year. So clearly for a gaming enthusiast with a bad indie game on xbox and another (bad) indie game in the works, the special edition is the only way to go. Though £46 for a dvd is a bit pricey, and i’m tempted by the tshort offer for another 23 dabloons, that’s the $110 kickstarter pledge. You’ll also get a special mention in the credits along with the other 1000 people. special. $5,000 though can get you executive producer title in the credits, cool huh? that £3,127 btw.

Don’t forget theres a documetary in the works focused on minecraft too, that will have to be had, i mean i’m addicted to the sucka, which incidently will be rolling out 1.7 soon, apparently thursday, maybe, but will be just the piston mod and a few bug fixes, 1.8 will see the adventure update and could be a long way off yet 🙁

Anyhoo, the kickstarter has 24 days left to run and has already recieved the goal of $35,000 and another 13k on top of that, what i’d really like to know is where to get it from and how much when it’s properly released, i mean if i find it on amazon for £20 bad boys i’ll be mighty unimpressed.

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