Love Death? Boong-Ga, Boong-Ga…

Top Ten lists are normally utter drivel. They’re filler for Sunday night telly, where D-list muppets fill E4’s downtime by pretending to remember their favourite hairstyle from 1984 (there was the mullet and the perm! We don’t need a whole freakin’ programme about it!). But there’s one type of list that’s always high quality – and that’s the type that lists crazy buh from Japan.

So have a gander at Top’s current feature on exactly that – there’s some suitably crazy shizzle going on. But nothing tops Love Death, and its completely amoral abuse of scantily clad teens. (Of which we most certainly do not approve.)

Well, we approve enough to post a video of it at the top. But that’s free speech people – blame George Washington.

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