Blue Skies Incoming?

So where were we? Oh yeah. Coming like a bolt out of those Sega blue blue skies comes an intriguing listing on the Australian Classification Database starring the one, the only, Daytona USA!

Having broken many a games cover long ahead of their official unveilings, the listing teases little of solid detail, save for the fact that it’s called Daytona (rather than the licence stripped Sega Racing Classics – eugh), it’s by Sega, its the ‘original’ (Saturn, Dreamcast, Arcade, what?!!!) and that it’s a multiplatform release.

All you speculative types are probably well ahead in your conclusions that it would seem that Daytona in one of it’s incarnations is winging it’s merry way to XBLA and PSN as we speak! Woo! Happy times abound!

Of course, ever the optimistic types, we are already envisioning a point further down the line where this first foray in to a new line of rehashes could lead us to arcade perfect versions of Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2, and Fighting Vipers as well!

But enough of that facade of positivity, as we slip back into our well worn negativity boots once more to declare – tread cautiously my Grigs! If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that if it looks good, Sega probably wont do it. Or alternatively in this case, will screw it up. I wouldn’t be surprised to get a version of Daytona with bordered PAL Saturn original graphics, and CCE’s gameplay slaved into it. This after all, is the company behind recent atrocities such as the iTunes released Streets of Rage 2 with it’s music distorted beyond all listenable acceptability. Unbelievable! Its surely something special when Sega show that they don’t even have it in them to churn out a good rehash.

However, we hold our breath in anticipation. And until they officially confirm that it’ll be Sonic Karts Daytona Adventure for the Wii and similarly powered Atari 2600, we’ll keep hoping!

Stay tuned coz there will definately be more on this one coming soon, same Grig time, same Grig channel!

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