Alcohol Arcade Lacks "In-Pants" Option

Behold The Gamerator! The custom-built arcade beaut that could finally persuade the girlfriend to have games in the kitchen… Because this sucker not only packs an in-built arcade, pre-loaded with classic titles from Street Fighter 2 (hurrah!) to Castlevania (huzzah!), but also boasts a full sized fridge that’s big enough for a keg of beer (hzzzrrrhghugh!)

Hand crafted by American lunatics The Custom Bar Guys, the machine’s gaming assets include a 26″ HD telly, two sets of arcade joysticks and trackballs, 85 pre-loaded arcade beauts (not all as tasty as the above titles, but still a pretty good selection), and a Windows PC so you can download, well, pretty much anything else. And round the back, the cheeky fridge has the space and plumbing for a full sized beer keg – all linking to a tap out front for easy, in-game pouring. (Oh, and there’s cup holders.) And how much for this little gem? Why, only $3,499!

But wait. Even though the price is clearly tiny, we can’t overlook Gamerator’s flaws. For one, the fridge door is stuck round the back – fine if there’s just a beer keg stuck inside, but rubbish if you want to nip in and out for your sarnies and a Muller Crunch Corner. And a stand-up cabinet? Listen gents, if I’m at home, I’m sitting down. Crashing in your keckers is the best feature of home gaming – so why would you take that away from me? Why?! And all that kind of blows it because, if we’re saying the fridge is useless, and we’d be too lazy ever to play the arcade, then, um… $3,499 is a little bit pricey.

Still, nice idea boys. And at least there’s cupholders.

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2 Responses to Alcohol Arcade Lacks "In-Pants" Option

  1. lartens says:

    Yeah thats pricey for an almost excellent idea. Mainly the keg thing, we’re not big keggers are we. but the build quality looks good. though the pc specs can’t be great with atleast 1g ram 80g hard drive and windows xp. though xp is probably ideal for lightweight running footprint. if its an old pc then its not gonna be as energy efficient as newer low power pc’s but then it doesn’t really matter if its not constantly switched on. and the games they have licence for arn’t gonna be mega cpu or gpu intensive anyway. That said, if its gonna do arcade, it might as well do daytona and sega rally, which is a model 2 board and is emulated well with one of the emulators. it used to run ok on my 1.66ghz core 2 duo with intel graphics before my system got clogged up with updates and big applications. Plus the saturn emulator is good too.
    it would take some experimenting with the low power net top pc’s, i’m thinkning ones with the ion graphics processors but emulators don’t really use graphics so much as cpu so maybe something with a good single core or dual core would be good. quad is wasted as they won’t utilize this. But if i was to build one, i would definately add the guns that work with lcd screens for some virtual cop and other guncon games for the win.

  2. bedgell says:

    ha ha you should totally send that whole reply to them on email – doubt they’re expecting that from their typical beer swilling audience…!

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