What! a free 90 minute demo of minecraft from pc gamer. That’s freaking awesome

minecraft demo title screenI said i say a wait a gosh darn cotton picking minute there son, free demo, that can’t be right, let me take a a look see there boy. Well whaa do ya know, there is a free demo of minecraft at http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/04/19/download-the-minecraft-demo/. Hehe, that was my Foghorn Leghorn voice by the way. (if you down know him, and you do, just not byname maybe, youtube that bad boy).

So anyway, you love minecraft right, i love minecraft, not just the beauty if the retro style simplicity of the graphics, but the who dig, mine, build find diamond mentality. But it can get a little lonely sometimes, your friends haven’t invested in this littel beaut, maybe they’re grown ups with better things to do, like get ready for a baby, or buy a house, or maybe they just don’t think they have the hardware to run it, gotta tell u, even my macbookpro ramps up its fan not long after start, but thats on full wack baby. So dumb down the settings and try it out for free for 90 minutes, after that it locks up, you can always start again, or i dunno, buy it maybe, that’s right show some mojang (the developers) some love. i left the link up there somewhere to the pcgamer article.

source: pcgamer.com
source: joystiq.com

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  1. bedgell says:

    Yeah I’d definitely be in there if that suckass PC of mine were up to it….

    In the meantime , I got me that foghorn leghorn reference before being told!! Good impressions there Rory “Lartens” Bremner

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