PSN still down! Want to play games with your friends? FairGame say go to their store and play chess?

Well griggers and griggeritas, its day 3 of playstation network outages, normally it wouldn’t bother me as i never use my ps3, and i’m not even using MY ps3 to link portal 2 to my steam account anyway because i don’t want to update the firmware. But today Portal 2 finall arrived, it doesn’t matter that i don’t have time to play it, i want it linked NOW.

If sony want to stop getting hacked maybe they should put otherOS back on ps3, coz that clearly agrevated some people, geo hotz was fighting for it i believe, but in the end accepted a slap on the wrist and moved on his merry way. Geo hots was one of the main dudes to get the ps3’s master keey to unlock the console. Anyway it would be great to get otherOS back on but with propper access to the processors, maybe then it can run minecraft, eh, now that wouldn’t be bad.

Anyway, if you actually use your ps3 other than a blu ray player, and are acustomed to playing games with your friends online, fret not, FairGame has a solution, whip on down to their store and play some board games, there’s even a sale on overstocked chess games apparently. saw this nippet of marketting on the tweets in googles realtime mode “psn network down”. You gotta give them credit for sugestion atleast :). The FairGame blog post is right here Enjoy your weekend people

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