Portal 2 release early!!! The biggest hype of 2011 and us griggers are missing out

POrtal 2 release new on steam
For all those lucky folks who pre ordered the steam version, hell, pre downloaded the steam version portal 2, Christmas has come early, eight months early! you lucky dog, portal 2 is released, the GLaDS@home computations ran up some impressive potato sack indie sales to help boot up GLaDOS for the early release some when last night, though it appeared that the auxillary power count down helped boost it some what, but a majority of the games had reached their target mid day yesterday, which is great, valve are awesome, the games in the potato sack were generously discounted, Amnesia – The Dark Descent was half price at £6.50, i only wish i hadn’t purcahsedit a month ago.

Still this tale of early release is a sad one here at the grig, for only one of us has steam, and i pre orderd on the playstation so that i may actually play the machine, though as i’m linking it to my steam account to get the steam version for free, then i doubt it. Early shmirly. Truth is though i have way too much work to do for my final year project due in 9 days, no time for portals anyway 🙁

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4 Responses to Portal 2 release early!!! The biggest hype of 2011 and us griggers are missing out

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Work before games?

    What’s this world coming to?!!

  2. bedgell says:

    So when will u actually get your hands on portal 2? And more to the point, if I wanted to go grab this sucker when could I get it?

  3. lartens says:

    friday is the uk retail release, maybe i should of mentioned that, meh. Though there’s a good chance none of us are gonna be able to play together if u get it on xbox, i’m getting it on ps3 and linking my psn account to steam to get that version to play, so there will be a ps3 version to play with, but that may only be good for one player, but like i said in an earlier post, the code that it comes with might be the only way to link it to a steam account, and use the steam overlay on the ps3 to cross platform play, so its unlikely that will happen, i’d probably get it on the xbox too when it comes down in price though. but i wanted steam version, and that seemed best deal to get ps3 version.

  4. lartens says:

    my mistake, today, thursday it seems, though mine has not arrived, good thing coz i am screwed with work

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