Here comes the rain! Minecraft 1.5 is out, achievemo’s ahoy. now let notch play Portal 2

snow and rain in minecraft
Well here it is folks, what a day, portal 2 and an update to minecraft, not just any old update mind, no, this sucka is tracking stats and achievements on your computer, that’s right, computer, doesn’t look like its crossing the intermaweb anywhere, though that would be nice, eh notch? Perhaps a way to synch worlds between mac and bootcamp too? just saying. I’ve stood around long enough in the game while doing work to get some snow and rain, didn’t see any thunder storms yet though, but they have been added according to notch’s blog post over at tumblr.

Anyhoo, there are some videos at the end of the post, and a list of some achievemos after the break

Loading up the server version shows 16 achievements, stats 101, and 146 recipess

Taking Inventory: open up you inventory, simple
Getting wood: yes you guessed chop up a tree and collect the block
The Lie: haha this is something to do with making a cake, nice touch notch.
BenchMaking: craft a workbench
Time to farm: make a hoe
Bake Bread: err yeah
Time to Mine: this is your pick axe crafting at work here
Getting an upgrade: make your pick axe better
Hot Topic: create your furnace
Acquire hardware: smelt some iron ingot
On A Rail: must be something to do with a minecart and track i guess
Delicious Fish: catch a fish and eat it. mmm tasty
Time To Strike: make that sword
Monster Hunter: attack that son of a….
Cow Tipper: Harvest some leather
When Pigs Fly: Fly a pig off a cliff

i’ve only succeeded in ten of these so far, but i’ve work to do

The rest is stats on mining, traveling, using, dying playing starting, all kinds of everything. i’ve yet to see any weather though.

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