Nyan Cat The Destroyer

2011 has taught us one thing so far: don’t get complacent or you’ll get bitten on the ass.

Those pootling along with dreams of nuclear safety awoke to nightmares in Fukushima. The early believers in a peaceful Arab Spring had their faith scorched in the Libyan desert. The hopeful, that saw redemption for humankind in Simon Cowell’s reported near-heart attack finally getting him off the telly, now have Michael McIntyre for two solid hours. Every week. In HD. FOREVER.

Let your guard down, people, and in rush the forces of evil.

And so it is when sodding games developers give us nothing to carp on about for a whole weekend. Lartens slips into a keyboard fantasy, Dibbs’ brain finally melts under the crushing betrayal of once great devs, and me? Well, I… I… All I can say is “Nyan cat. Meow, meow, meow…”

And if that’s not enough to twist the heinous arm of heartless games developers into giving us some goddamn content, I don’t know what is. Well, actually I do. Because there’s an hour long version of this beast on YouTube.

You have been warned.

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