Veronica Belmont goes geocaching. Beware the muggles

We here at GrigOrig occasionally do some geocahing ourselves, and are sometimes beaten insane with the simple ones we just can’t find (hey Big B) hehe. Clearly what we need is to enlist the help of seasoned geocacher Lee Van Der Bokke just like Veronica Belmont did on here cruze-arati video blog thing. Though as she’s such a hottie, maybe we should ask her instead :). hehe if only. The following video has that really cool street in san francisco on the hill thats like a constant slalom (man that’s a weird looking word) and just look how easy they make it, grrrr.

Veronica Belmont for those who do not know, is known for her geekery in the gaming and tech circles, co hosting on revisions3’s Tekzilla, playstation networks Qore, and as the Chevrolet campaign crute-arati’s tech person, not entirely sure on what that last one is exactly, seems shes got a Chevy Cruze to drive around in a make occasional tech videos that are posted on the Chevrolet YouTube channel, other video hosts from fashion, sports, music and entertainment are doing a similar thing.

Veronica blogs on and is where i first saw “The Trashmaster” blogged, which was the 88 minute movie using game footage of GTA IV on PC, which incidentally was one of my first blogs and the inspiration to share interesting game/tech related new through the Grigorig hub.

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