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Er… New NES Release Roundup!

Yes, it’s true – a brand spanking new release for the NES! This little beaut showcases 8-bit power at its grandest – and I’ll be darned if it doesn’t look all-tooting spankerific. It’s not actually a game, but still does … Continue reading

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How do you fit Paramore into a gaming/manga blog?

Well the answer to the title is with an 8-bit cover version of one of their most recent songs Ain’t it fun as posted by 8 bit universe over on the web video watching site commonly known as youtube. We … Continue reading

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Google Maps goes 8-bit fools ya fools

Google love their april fools (TiSP, free broadband install see here), and their homage to all things cool, like the playable pacman game in place of Google on the homepage one May 22nd 2010 (still playable here). But this year … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Chip Maestro looks gooooooood. 8-bit yo

Over at kickstarter.com, Jarek Lupinski has opened up a project he is working on to use a NES cartridge in a NES console with a midi in connector, the project is titled “Chip Maestro – An NES MIDI Synthesizer Cartridge” … Continue reading

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