Sdatcher Gets Translation – Spelling Not Improved

The only way to truly express our longing for a new Snatcher game is to listen to Tina Turner’s Thunderdome on repeat, whispering the words “Snatcher 2” over the chorus and fingering through old promo pics for Blade Runner. Nothing else comes close to the creepy, passionate fandom of those touched by Konami’s legend. So the news that Snatcher‘s eclectic creator Hideo Kojima has finally returned to the world of Neo Kobe for a follow-up to his 1988 classic made us positively soil ourselves with futuristic glee. But does Sdatcher, an all-new radio drama written and produced by Kojima, satisfy our massive robo-hunger? Or is this just a Gillian Seed-sized amuse-bouche that merely whets our appetite for more?

It’s been 17 years since the Mega CD version of Snatcher burst into our lives, replete with Gillian Seed’s robo-smut and more bioroids than you could shake your Philip K. Dick at, and in all that time we’ve been waiting, hoping – nay longing – for Hideo Kojima to see sense and bring us another instalment of his cyberpunk adventures. (We’re ignoring the MSX2’s SD Snatcher as, firstly, we haven’t got this console and, secondly, it doesn’t have a great deal to do with the graphic novel-style japery of our beloved original. RobinThough there was that wonderful moment when Robin the Medic-droid tried to flog you some dope. But we digress…)

So, there’s good reason to be elated about Sdatcher – Kojima is returning to his dystopian masterpiece, and launching a whole new tale with help from the original team. Akira Yamaoka, the ledge behind the Snatcher soundtrack – as well as Silent Hill‘s eerie atmospherics – has done a new futuristic score; Shuyo Murata is in the director’s chair, as he was for much of the Metal Gear series including the audio drama version; and the vocal talent includes Akio Otsuka, best known as Solid Snake (oh, and Seth from SSFIV). Sounds fantastic, right?

Except: it’s NOT A GAME. It’s a radio drama. And it’s in Japanese.


But wait – there’s good news! For the wonderkids at zajunker have done us an English translation. And it turns out that Sdatcher is pretty freakin’ awesome! Episode 1, above, introduces us to our hero, Jean-Jack Gibson – a grizzled 50-something in a sharp suit and trenchcoat (sound familiar?) – who’s reeling from the disappearance of his wife, Alice, and up to his eyes in the filthy mire of Neo Kobe’s underground. Right from the off, Gibson is flirting with Lisa Nielsen, Kobe’s former chief prostitute who’s swapped her life of steamy liaisons for steaming mugs of chow, and who we meet serving Jean-Jack a coffee and a come-on… There’s even a little Metal Gear-style sidekick in the form of Little John, Gibson’s metallic-intel buddy who earns his stripes right at the get-go by intercepting a nefarious villain…

So, basically, everything a Snatcher fan could want. Except, well, the ability to join in. Bottom line – this is an ace side project, and we’re certainly happy for another slice of Neo Kobe, but we can’t be satisfied until Kojima is back at the programming desk knocking out a proper game. That’s why we’ve launched the Campaign For A Snatcher Sequel – so if you also want a next-gen update of this ultimate classic, come and join the cause!

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1 Response to Sdatcher Gets Translation – Spelling Not Improved

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Woo! Finally some Snatcher translational related action! It’ll be cool to find out about Jean-Jack, aka, the bringer of Katrina and her showering shenanigans! Even though we already know what happens to that poor Grigger. Mind your head now dear sir!

    More Snatcher Konami, by the decree of the Grig we demand it!

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