Check This Amstrad Action Out!

Well I never, fellow Griggers. There’s me thinking I’d never see Ikari Warriors again, when up pops the Most Wonderful Mother-In-Law – having a clear out and asking “do I want this old Atari”?

Well, it turned out to be a trusty old CPC-464 but there was no disappointment – this is a tape-tastic beast of home-computing lushness. And what should be lurking in the bag of Amsoft gems that she’s handed over alongside? That’s right!


Of course, what we didn’t get was a monitor so here’s where we need your help – what sucker plugs into this deelie?! Answers on a postcard – or a tape – to the usual address. (OK, OK, we mean post a comment…)

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11 Responses to Check This Amstrad Action Out!

  1. lartens says:

    yeah good luck with that, old school stuff had some funny ports, looks similar to a din port though. not having an rf port makes that a trick beast to complete.

  2. Christian says:

    I swear that’s the port i have on my piano…

  3. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Not sure about the monitor, but man, that is a quality item! Ikari Warriors is one of those mind-blowers!
    I also like the bit about it being an Atari. I picked up some Megadrive games at an indoor market kinda thing the other day where the woman behind the counter described it as being a ‘Sega Meta or something.’
    Yes. That’s exactly what it’s called. At least she got the ‘Sega’ part right.

  4. lartens says:

    there are only two games i remember on the amstrad that my friend rich had, one of them ikari warriors, and the other “head over heals”, which is a isometric puzzle game like solstice on the NES and equinox on the super nintendo. Would love to get some ikari lovin’ in though. That said, i expect it’s on mame anyway so it doesnt really matter lol,

  5. lartens says:

    i’m a little confused on exactly how this came to you, i mean, surely mizza woulda intercepted it and been like “bin that rubbish quick before he see’s it yo”

  6. lartens says:

    though i’m also impressed you mother in-law knows about atari, the fact it wasn’t one is neither here nor there. in fact that prooves further that she knows about atari an not just read it on the computer unit.

  7. bedgell says:

    She did just admit that she thought about it. Maybe she knew about the monitor problem.

    Will follow up that ebaysucka. Have to say don’t think that guy’s right about it being powered from the monitor tho. Keyboard has a power input – and also I remember my first one has a short circuit that used to cut it out and we had to put tin foil inside between two of this circuits. Not sure how that proves it has it’s own power supply but it kinda makes sense that it would…

  8. bedgell says:

    That was a real Humdinger. 5 minutes to load a game and then it would cut out and reset to front screen. Holy shiz it still hurts to think of it…

    • Dibbs Ahoy says:

      Gotta love the old days and the loading let downs! I remember on C64 waiting for a tape to load knowing full well it had passed the point something should have happened but just holding out hopefully until the end of the tape just in case. Soul destroying. In a good way of course.
      I’ve replaced tape-failure denial with SSF4 AE having new characters these days. I just don’t learn. Come on Elena and Rolento!

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