Crazy Taxi: Update of Grig!

Well my winter mission was short lived. Check this shizzle out!

Now you might not be able to tell, but that says $32,550.49. But it looks highly dubious due to the shaky nature of the picture, all credit to my crappy phone and its broken camera that does a weird freak out thing at random intervals. It certainly picked its moment here, right in my hour of glory!

So the pressure was on. Was the useless leaderboard going to actually update my score, or was it going to throw ten buckets of buh over my latest achievement? ‘Tis highly hit and miss at the best of times, and I’d already been given a whuppin’ when it failed to upload my arcade rules score earlier in the week. Why, the pressure was almost too much to bare!

But no need to fret! I mean it did take several refreshes but after about ten minutes the piece of ayne decided to wake up and post my score so I could actually get a steady picture. 32K baby! Woo woo!

Now that my goal has been achieved I can do many more productive things, like go for walks in the park, observe fresh dew glistening on the grass of a winters morn, sit there and watch endless reruns of Baywatch on the 24 hour Freeview channel thingy on the fire stick. I think I’ll stick to the third one there.

But for now, it’s game over yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Till next time Crazy beauts, till next time. I wonder how realistic breaking 40 is? Hmm…

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