Everybody’s Looking For That Soooooooooomething…


Somewhere in this grimy universe lives a man… A man who knows what crazy ass buh i did to that last article so the comments didn’t work. That man is not me. So this Postman-themed follow-up is purely a depository for your pent-up observatory musings. Let them not go to waste! To put it one way: place them at the end of this article fronted by Postman Pat. To put it another: stick them in Pat’s bottom.

Either way, let’s hear from ya!

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2 Responses to Everybody’s Looking For That Soooooooooomething…

  1. Dibbs says:

    Finally, some commenting action! What’s weird is that it now says there’s a comment on the last post but it still says not found. What the?!!!

    Anyway, here are the musings I was going to post. Luckily I write my comments in my notes before posting them so I don’t accidentally knock some other button and lose my excessive scribblings which I’ve done before and nearly thrown my phone:

    Ok, so without too much thought, here’s a few off the top of my head. Sonic CD – euro/Japanese soundtrack obvs, although the US one is okish too. Thats’s standard. As is Nights, although I always particularly liked the Soft Museum music, standard version without any level condition alterations. Sega Rally Saturn version with Joe Satriani tearing it up on guitar. A massive improvement over the arcade. Shun Di’s theme VF2, and VR Temjin’s theme (into the blue I think it’s called) from Virtual On.
    Pretty much everything from Gunstar Heroes – and somebody’s done a really cool guitar medley of it all on YouTube too. Sakura theme Alpha 2, Guile theme SFIV, E.Honda theme SFIV. SF2 end music. The Shantae games also have some of the best soundtracks I’ve heard too, particularly in recent times.

    Oh, and look up Revenge of Shinobi’s Chinatown mixed with Michael Jacksons Beat It on YouTube. So many people do stuff like this and it always sucks, but this one is really good.

  2. lartens says:

    My two cents from an avid NES user back in the day is one of the most overlooked Zelda game and that’s Zelda II the adventure of link, the palace theme music just gets me

    And then there’s the overworld

    I wonder if this is a nostalgia thing as I loved zelda 2, or weather it is a good tune, I mean the mario land one you posted was good and I only played it once maybe.

    Speaking of Mario how about the cheeky little number from the western Mario 2

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