So near, and yet so far…

Grig mongers! Whassup?! How’ve you been, etc, etc, etc.

Well, after a 7 year hiatus I thought y’know what? I’m gonna make a post. And here it is. But pray tell, what is of such earth shattering significance it can haul me out of the retiremental writing abyss and make me pick up my quill once again?

Well, for one I decided to read a few articles on the now defunct website UK:Resistance which reminded me that I used to use it as inspiration to write stuff on Grig.

And two… well I actually don’t have a two. But what I do have is a near thirty grand score in ten minutes on Crazy Taxi on original city!

I thought I’d best post it before some git knocks me down by using the reverse glitch to get 99 grand or whatever. But I was so close to breaking 30g! Rats ahoy!

And if you think this is a flimsy reason for a post, you’d be right! But I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to post something to do with Sega and it was all I had, especially after I Googled Sega news and everything that came up was boring which led me to rationalise I could be boring about Sega on my own. Thus, this post was birthed! And you’re welcome!

So I promised myself I would break the thirty grand mark this coming winter, and by jove it nearly happened already! But there are many a cold day ahead so this can all count as good practise.

I also had a go at the 5 minute one on the Arcade city. If only they knew the secret to these scores! I’m like the Ed Leedskalnin of Crazy Taxi… if he were to cheese a video game instead of single-handedly building a castle moving massive coral blocks with few tools without telling people how he did it that is. And I’ve already failed there coz I showed Lartens how it works already. Rats ahoy again! Anyhoo, that was a weird tangent…

This one is a real grig-grinder. I beat this score the other night, but the freakin’ Xbox disconnected from the server while I was playing and it didn’t put it on the leaderboard despite my lengthy efforts spending a good couple of hours and getting my highest ever score. Tssk!

The score I got there, seen only on this demo screen on my Xbox. Unbelievable. Piece of crap machine.

Here’s the perpetrator of misery. I guess I can’t complain too much since some people gave it to me for free. But still… tssk again!

I particularly like these scratches on it. Almost as if they’ve dragged their infant children away from the 18 rated Call of Duty 84 or whatever it’s up to now.

Well that’s about all I got. Feels like a bit of a downer there so I thought I’d best check in on Teri Hatchers YouTube channel, Hatching Change,  as a triumphant crescendo to the article. She hasn’t updated in 7 months, but she has been on an Amazon cruise in her last video.

Here she is, airing a morning armpit on the fresh Amazonian breeze. If someone threw her a pair of GHD’s and you were to squint, you could almost imagine she was 26 again and in her prime Lois and Clark glory ready to scribe some of the finest articles outside of Grig Orig!

Highlights include her catching a piranha fish, a probable crime that will get her retroactively cancelled in a couple of years time.

And speaking of getting cancelled, here’s something that could have the baying masses from Twitter banging down my door. The closest to some swimsuit related tom-japery I’ve seen from Teri in years! It’s one I’m just gonna have to take on the chin. And by that, I mean the 80 year old man down the street when I point them towards his house by pretending I don’t know what they’re talking about. ‘Dibbs Ahoy? Nah, you want the guy 7 houses down mate.’

Pwned. If people still say that. I’ll see ya next time, same Grig time, same Grig channel. Laters.

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2 Responses to So near, and yet so far…

  1. Benjamungus says:

    Oof what beaut and yet what torture at the same time! Because I can’t see that dang Hatcher pics!!

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