And yet more from EA!

Well, another day, another crime from everyones favourite tyrannical games company. For indeed, just when you couldn’t imagine EA sinking to any deeper lows, wait for this one!

The demos for FIFA 14 and UFC have landed on the Xbox One market place… for only £3.99 each!

Yes. I said the demo. For money.

Whether this is a mistake or not is yet to be discovered, but it seems to be worldwide with Australia also being asked the admission fee just to try these crappy games.

No doubt EA will be backtracking on this ASAP, but for now we’ll chalk another misdemeanour up on their excessive list of offences.

Oh that phone and tablet future they got in store for us is sure gonna be rosy…

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1 Response to And yet more from EA!

  1. bedgell says:

    Ok I wanna be the one to call this: within 5 years EA will find a way to charge us for watching their adverts.

    Lame ass punks

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