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Everything in one big rolling beauty, was gonna be an option to put posts on the homepage, but naything not in quirks ahould go on to the home page anyway

Streets of Rage 4 Stuff Abound!

Origami makers! Took a different approach there on that one. Always thinking outside the box. What’s the haps?! Well you probably all saw these pics already, but this is Grig Orig, and we need posts dang it! So the ol’ … Continue reading

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Dibbs Belated E3 Warblings.

Uh oh. It’s getting dangerously late in the day for this months post and I can’t detect a sniff of movement anywhere. Don’t worry my Grig-mongers. I got this. Well, it’s been a good few weeks since probably the most … Continue reading

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Your Future Now Rests With… This Man.

Yep, Mario. He now holds your destiny in the palm of his hand. Because this little Italian-American-Japanese is my opening player on Super Smash Bros – and the one who’ll determine… if I like it. And what’s that got to … Continue reading

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The Truth

Enough said.

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I Wonder How Many Hours I’d Need…

… to catch up on the last 20 years? So I’m off work at the moment and obvs taking the opportunity to nail my way through all the gaming and televisual delights that are normally off limits in the average … Continue reading

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PES 2015 Review – Xbox 360 Version

Well, I took the leap of faith. Conversing with Bedgell recently (it was actually ages ago now. I’m a lazy Grig!) planted a seed of longing to try the latest PES offering as I regaled him with the widespread opinions … Continue reading

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Angry Transvestite Gaming Restores Old School Virtue

Three things are interesting about this little preview for CrossCode I stumbled across just now. 1. The writer claims to be the world’s biggest modern gaming cynic. What in the…?! Has he met Jimmy Jackass?! I mean, there are crazy-coot … Continue reading

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Toejam and Earl 4?!

Well this one was unexpected! Just as I trawled through the dying remnants of websites listed in my old computers favorites rubbernecking the demise of video games with a furrowed brow, the grey cloud of current day gaming gloom lifted … Continue reading

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CVG Shutting Up Shop

It’s been a while since the ol’ vidya games were represented well with a hwality bit of magazinery. Last I can remember was Sega Saturn Magazine from way back in the late 90’s captained by Richard Leadbetter. But what’s even … Continue reading

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Dibbs Ahoy in productive use of time shocker!

And now for something completely different – some artwork for your delectation. What, this old thing? Why it’s only some artwork I did of my old ‘main’, as the FGC would say, Juri Han. Done as artwork for a custom … Continue reading

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