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Black Ops Demo Out Today For Xbox, PS3

Bah humbug. As a die-hard MW2 fan, the following news is hard to share. But out of love for you all, here goes. Activision have done the gentlemanly thing and released a lovely new Call of Duty: Black Ops demo … Continue reading

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Democracy Rules OK! Egypt Revolution Spreads To Games

Cheers and jubilation aplenty in Grig Towers as BAFTA announce a decent lineup for this year’s GAME British Academy Video Games Awards. The wonderful Assassins’ Creed: Brotherhood, and the XBLA-masterpiece Limbo, have pulled in 11 nominations between them, and both … Continue reading

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Eaten Your Breakfast? Then Read On…

Zombies ahoy! This ace new trailer has been released for Dead Island – the first-person hackfest heading to Xbox and PS3 courtesy of Polish developers Techland. But be warned: watching this bad boy is as scary and harrowing as waking up to find Justin Bieber stroking your face with the shiny tip of his new Brit award. So grab some tissues and hide behind the sofa because this is a total muhfuh… Continue reading

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Re-Spawny Gits…

So, a year on, and what’s happening with Respawn, the Phoenix comp created by Call of Duty creators and former Infinity Ward-proteges Jason West and Vince Zampella? Precisely zip. They have a website, which still consists of just the above … Continue reading

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