Black Ops Demo Out Today For Xbox, PS3

Bah humbug. As a die-hard MW2 fan, the following news is hard to share. But out of love for you all, here goes.

Activision have done the gentlemanly thing and released a lovely new Call of Duty: Black Ops demo for your gaming delectation. And what’s more, it features the entire “WMD” single-player mission – with all its SR-71-flying, enemy-base-attacking, snowy-landscape-rendering wonderfulness. In all fairness, this is a corker so go get your grubby little mitts on it. Just don’t come crying to me when it tragically fails to live up to the standards set by Modern Warfare.

Should you still want to disappoint yourselves, the WMD-demo is out now on Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

Hah! There’s nothing more to read – but don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy that story. So why not tell the world?!

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