Eaten Your Breakfast? Then Read On…

Zombies ahoy! This ace new trailer has been released for Dead Island – the first-person hackfest heading to Xbox and PS3 courtesy of Polish developers Techland. But be warned: watching this bad boy is as scary and harrowing as waking up to find Justin Bieber stroking your face with the shiny tip of his new Brit award. So grab some tissues and hide behind the sofa because this is a total muhfuh…

PS If the name Dead Island seems eerily familiar but you’re not sure why, it may be because the first news of it broke waaaay back in 2007. It seems it took our Eastern European friends this long to find publisher Deep Silver and get this beauty out there. The game is now set for 2011 release (though no news on exactly when), with promises of innovative sandbox/RPG hacknslash action – all set on a beautiful holiday resort bedecked with flesh eating hordes (Butlins?)

Lovely, but with a million zombie-themed titles on console and TV, is this whole scene getting a little tired? Even Bieber fans are on the bandwagon it seems, as news breaks today that a throng of flesh-thirsty tweebs have mobbed our little award winner as he promoted his new film. (Many were scratched and bruised…) So what will Dead Island bring to the party that we haven’t seen before – or, more importantly, that JB could use to help him against the mobs of slavvering drones trying to eat his “little brain”?

Techland say Dead Island’s USP is the ability to grab any of the scenery and instantly use it to bludgeon, club and hack at the zombified masses. But frankly, if this doesn’t include Bieber holding his little statuette and whacking away at some undead meat, I’m not interested. Scary, reverse, little-girl zombie film or not.

Sort it out, Techland. The Beebmeister’s life may depend on it.

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