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Cheers and jubilation aplenty in Grig Towers as BAFTA announce a decent lineup for this year’s GAME British Academy Video Games Awards. The wonderful Assassins’ Creed: Brotherhood, and the XBLA-masterpiece Limbo, have pulled in 11 nominations between them, and both are in the running for the coveted GAME Award of 2010 – which YOU get to choose!

Other top nominations goes to Heavy Rain with six nods, Mass Effect 2 pulls in an impressive five, and there’s something for the kids as Super Mario Galaxy rakes in four. Sadly, the tragic mess that is Call of Duty: Black Ops somehow manages to attract six nominations, including best Action and Multiplayer, despite being an underwhelming echo of its masterful Infinity Ward predecessor. (OK, OK, it’s not awful, but how can anything be so highly praised for being such a pathetic imitation of a classic? *Fume, fume, fume*)

Anyhoo, you can change all that as the big prize is the publicly voted GAME award – head on over to to cast your vote for one of the little beauties below and, hint hint, maybe help little old Limbo kick the ass of a certain overhyped blandfest. And if you fancy seeing the fruit of your labours, the whole Awards shebang will be streamed live on March 16th via

GAME Award of 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops
Activision Blizzard UK Ltd/Treyarch

Dance Central
Microsoft Games Studios & MTV Games/MTV & Harmonix

Electronic Arts/ Electronic Arts Canada

Halo Reach
Microsoft Games Studios/Bungie

Heavy Rain
Sony Computer Entertainment/Quantic Dream & XDev Studio Europe

Xbox Live Arcade/Playdead Games

Mass Effect 2
Electronic Arts/BioWare

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Electronic Arts/Criterion Games

Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar Games/Rockstar San Diego

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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