Re-Spawny Gits…

So, a year on, and what’s happening with Respawn, the Phoenix comp created by Call of Duty creators and former Infinity Ward-proteges Jason West and Vince Zampella?

Precisely zip. They have a website, which still consists of just the above two lines, and no games, no news, no releases. And why is this important?

Because Black Ops is sucking my gamers. With the First Strike map pack just released for the lame-fest that is Treyarch’s abysmal imitation, the lobbies of Modern Warfare 2 have been draining fast – leaving only the hardcore who are continually whupping my ass… (not that it’s stopped me getting 1.17 ktd, eh lartens?!)

So unless West and Zampella get their act in gear and publish a non-Treyarch COD replacement pretty soon, we’re gonna have only two choices: carry on getting whupped just to play the beautiful MW2, or play Halo Reach.

And no one wants that.

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