Minecraft, buy one, get one free this weekend

Minecraft wedding weekend poster
In celebration of @notch’s wedding to Ez this weekend, Mojang is giving away one free gift code of minecraft if you buy the game(not a gift code), now just to be clear, it states buying the game and not buying a gift code to get the free gift code, so if you already own it, you would have to buy it with another username and email address i would imagine. So the deal is buy the game for €14.95! now, get a free gift code added to your account, and you’re buying the game in the state that it is in now, and you will also own the game when it is released, which is around the 18th of Novemeber. @notch will be pushing some kind of upload button at the MineCon party thing in Vagas. From then on its apparently going to cost €20.00. Thats Euros if the charset is playing up. Remember Minecraft is pretty process heavy, if you need to try, check out the pcgamer minecraft 90 minute demo as mentioned in a previous post here https://www.grigorig.com/what-a-free-90-minute-demo-of-minecraft-from-pc-gamer-thats-freaking-awesome/. The demo is for windows only though :(. The actual game is for OSX, Linux, and Windows.

So, get your friends or loved one to buy the game, and let them share a freebie with another, simples. We love you @notch.

We at grigorig wish notch and Ez an amazing wedding, and hope they will be very happy together forevers ^_^
P.s Be excellent to each other.

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