lartens favourite news bits 15/08/11

Heres just a few things that have cropped up in the feeds i follow etc, as this is what the initial intention of grigorig was, that is to share what i find interesting with my friends, here it is, it also helps fill the voids of lack of posts. so:

Swedish developer Fractional Games were pleased with their initial sales for Amnesia the dark Descent, they were thrilled when it hit 100,00 sold, apparently they needed 24k to keep operating last year, and now they have sold over 400,00. The good reviews that critics gave it must of helped, i haven’t finished it myself yet, but i will say it is really good at making me jump late at night with the lights out and playing the game with headphones on, it’s the immersive experience that makes this game great at what it does.

Onlive goes live in the uk on the 22nd of september, prices to be announced. What is onlive? well its cloud gaming, they have their server run the game, poll you for your controller input and essentially give u the video back, this means you can play even some tripple A titles on you not so great pc or mac, or even your tv with the help of a special device. There are several rates or tiers for the games, either a 3 day, 5 day or complete pass for a game, or theres the flat rate pass with over 70 titles to choose, the add includes prince of persia as one of the titles so don;t get your hopes up too much about that one, the important thing here is that it aslo has demos for free. So if you just want to check out a game, this is way, less hassle. Or if you have a mac book air that might struggle with a big title like arkham asylum, then maybe this way will work better for you. The prices so far are for the US, the tv device is $99 and has a controller, the flat month rate is $10, and the example of the day passes were like $8 for the 5 days and $30 for the full pass but couldn’t tell you what game that was with.

Batman Arkham city has released a sneak vid with Dr Freeze, who looks a little bit arnie esk, but is bound to be better than that movie, u know, that one you’ve tried to forget about, the live action one, not the animated ones that are actually pretty good. The last animated one i watched was called Batman and the red hood, which wasn’t shy of beating the crap out of somebody.

Theres news afoot that Gears of War 3 will have a stereoscopic 3D mode, though this is not going to be HD, aparently its not even 720p, which is a little unbelievable from Epic. But there you go, the story of gears 3 will be set a little later than the last, a bunch of stuff has happened, in between and this is the best part to be rejoining the action.

I’ve yet to meet anybody who owns Zumba Fitness for any console, so i am wondering why its top of the pops once again (9 consecutive weeks) for the multiplatform game charts.

Here in the UK we have a games con type shindig in Birmingham, its the GAME retailer GAMEFest and is on from the 16th to the 18th September, and as well as the er released games like driver (september 2nd), it will have a playable version of Modern Warfare 3 for UK gamers to get some hands on action. Game Conventions are somewhat lacking here in Blighty, but why did it have to be all the way in Birmingham. My car won’t make that, i really should look at that oil leak I’ve had for 3 years now. meh. For the list of exhibiters check out There are a lot of 3’s, farcry, uncharted, mass effect, gears, errr just dance, yeah we don’t care for that one either, dance central on the other hand is a good laugh, with friends obviously. I’m only really interested in the sonic generations that is listed. Though i don’t want to play green hill again.

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