Star wars complete saga Blu Ray September 12th uk

star wars box art
Wow thanks george, we really wanted them last 3 star wars movies you did. NOT

Yeah not impressed georgy poos, we’re still awaiting an enhanced theatrical release of the original on Blu Ray to be anounced, that is to say without the crap you added in the 90’s but still beautifully scanned to make it look nice on our HD tv’s. How about it? eh?

If you look at you might not see many descruntled star wars fans as yet, head on over the pond to on the other hand and the blu ray release of the original 3 movies has sparked 175 1 star reviews based purely on the poeple want a hi def original theatrical release. And i agree, don’t get me wrong i’ll end up getting it, probably a month before they announce they are releasing a theatrical version. Just like they did on dvd eventually, i know george, you wanna milk it, with limited edition this that and the other on vhs, dvd, laser disc (which did have original theatrical verison by the way) and finally blu ray, but WHEN can the fans get what they want, and not what you dish out to line your pockets, the rage is boiling up inside, time to vent. oo, doritos, later holmes

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