Your Future Now Rests With… This Man.


Yep, Mario. He now holds your destiny in the palm of his hand. Because this little Italian-American-Japanese is my opening player on Super Smash Bros – and the one who’ll determine… if I like it.

And what’s that got to do with your destiny?

Well, Mario won’t just determine if I like Super Smash Bros. Because I sense there is no liking Super Smash Bros. This is going to be an all or nothing encounter, people. Either you pick it up, pootle about, feel a bit meh and forget it ever existed.

Or it changes your life.

And right now, there’s a chance it could enter the realm of… Classic.

*shouts* Just a chance, mind you!

*whispers* Just a chance.

Right now, it’s just peering… Peering round the frame of a door… A door left ajar… A door marked ‘Legend’. Only time will tell if it pokes a toe into that room, steps into its hallowed air, and finds itself a comfy seat by the window. Only time and… Mario.

And then? Well then, my chums, you punkasses are getting down to Amazon dot co dot interweb, and you are freakin hi jinxing yo’selves a copy. IF Mario delivers, that is. IF it fulfils the potential it’s showing…


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9 Responses to Your Future Now Rests With… This Man.

  1. lartens says:

    Ah yes, 3ds homies. We all have one, though judging by the first half of Sony’s e3 event we should all be wanting a ps4 this Christmas readu for the 2016 lineup

  2. bedgell says:

    there’s a double quandary here…

    see, super smash bros is going very well on the 3ds. it’s an exceptionally good game… and without doubt, like street fighter or bomberman, the real joy is in multiplayer. so it’s a short leap for me to start badgering you two to get it…

    but then there’s an issue. because the other thing that you can say without doubt is that a handheld version will never be as good as a console. it plays superbly on 3ds, but there’s no getting away from the limitations of the small screen. and the wii u one looks sooooooo delicious. and of course, you two also already have wii u’s… and i have been thinking about getting one for mario kart 8 and what will undoubtedly be an awesome zelda…

    it’s a tricky one.

    ( and yep! i realise this whole dilemma rests on convincing you two to part with some serious dibbers – but i’m fine with theoretical for now!!)

    • Dibbs says:

      That’s my only problem – I think I would be highly pained to get the 3DS version as I would have always got it on Wii U if I was choosing. I mean if you wanted to pick yourself up a Wii U…

      Saying that, I need to actually play Smash and see if I like it. I have Melee on GameCube but have played it approximately no times from what I remember, so maybe I should have a crack at it. I seem to remember that was the version that featured fairly prominently at that Apex tournament they do, so it might be a good way to test the water. Plus you have to (apparently) play on the GC pad and no other controller will do for the game.

      But all going well, which I’d be pretty sure it would, I’d probably be very up for some Smash 4 fisticuffs on Wii U! I’d even be tempted for the pad adapters they do. Cheap version of course.

  3. bedgell says:

    Yeah it needs a nice easy pad to play it on. I’m using the analogue because it busts my thumb to use the 3ds d-pad but really it’d prob be better using that – a lot of the moves seem a bit hit and miss on analogue… Getting more fun every time I play it though…

    What are the internet options on Wii u? Do you need a gold style membership with a fee and that?!

    • Dibbs says:

      No, nothing like that. It’s just good to go right away with no other charges. I do really like the Wii U and I have actually started using it quite a bit recently. I only got a few games for it, but they are pretty fun. And yeah, Mario Kart is pretty darn cool. Star Fox, Zelda, and Xenoblade Chronicles look like they could be cool future games too.

      I can imagine the d-pad on the 3ds being uncomfortable for it. I played some Shantae today and my thumbs sore as grig and that’s mostly just running left to right. Fighting game moves must be a killer!

      I actually came very close to buying Smash today. I saw it for £30 and I walked back and forth a good couple of times flitting between getting it or not. Then I decided that I’ll try Melee this weekend and see what I think. And then probably get Smash 4 on Monday knowing my lack of restraint.

      • lartens says:

        I think I’m the same as you, have it on gamecube but never played. I think se did play it on Dom’s n64 back when we played road rash instead of going to church one time

        Yeah Ben, get a wii u

        • Dibbs says:

          Yeah, I distinctly remember Dom bringing it to Andys. I was trying to remember which one it was but couldn’t remember if it was N64 or GC so I’m glad you remember the machine. It’s funny now thinking back coz I was absolutely disgusted at the time that it was in the same genre as Street Fighter coz I thought it was some mess of crap of a game… and now I have a lot of respect for it after watching tournaments and want to get it! Maybe in the future EA might become my favorite developer… Grig, no.

        • bedgell says:

          Wooh look at this! It’s like a prediction of the future or some buh!

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