Your Future Now Rests With… This Man.


Yep, Mario. He now holds your destiny in the palm of his hand. Because this little Italian-American-Japanese is my opening player on Super Smash Bros – and the one who’ll determine… if I like it.

And what’s that got to do with your destiny?

Well, Mario won’t just determine if I like Super Smash Bros. Because I sense there is no liking Super Smash Bros. This is going to be an all or nothing encounter, people. Either you pick it up, pootle about, feel a bit meh and forget it ever existed.

Or it changes your life.

And right now, there’s a chance it could enter the realm of… Classic.

*shouts* Just a chance, mind you!

*whispers* Just a chance.

Right now, it’s just peering… Peering round the frame of a door… A door left ajar… A door marked ‘Legend’. Only time will tell if it pokes a toe into that room, steps into its hallowed air, and finds itself a comfy seat by the window. Only time and… Mario.

And then? Well then, my chums, you punkasses are getting down to Amazon dot co dot interweb, and you are freakin hi jinxing yo’selves a copy. IF Mario delivers, that is. IF it fulfils the potential it’s showing…


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