Driver San Francisco Demo is live and kicking

Driver San Francisco screenshotCheck out that jackass, that’s what they say, classic stuff. They said the new Driver handles like the old driver, with the big heavy American muscle cars, and it does, i’m impressed, i’m thinking the single player is going to be as fun as the original, and more so, the whole shifting from one car to another has been implemented extremely well. At first you’re like what the! then once you get the hang of it, especially in multiplayer you’d wish all other games had it. It really is like a Mr Smith in the Matrix, downloading to another body and taking over right there and then, except in this case its the car. Sweet, now just incase you don’t currently have the perks of gold membership to get the demo, i think you still have to wait a week don’t you? anyway, I’ve put up a video of my second or third game to show what its like.

There are two demos, one single player and one multiplayer. I’ll do the multiplayer first, the category available in the demo is free for all, and it has two games, Tag, and Trail Blazer, Tag you try to be the tagged car as long as possible, first to 100 points, Trail Blazer you follow the target cars trail, first to 100 on that too. In-between each main game is 1 of 3 50 seconds qualifiers, the qualifiers sets the positions for the cars each game and sets up the awards like a full bar of boost or something. Qualifiers include Jump, Speed, and Overtake games. These games are 2-6 player.

Listed ready for the full release of the game are:
Free for all: Players 2-6
Face off against up to five opponents in quick, straight forward games.
Trail Blazer

Racing: Players 2-8
All cars, no shift, pure racing with varied vehicles and tracks to test your driving skill.
Classic Race
Sprint GP

Takedown: Player 2-6
a classic battle between a getaway driver and the cops.

Team: Players 4-8
Action-packed team games of strategy, attack and defense 4-8
Capture the flag

Shift Racing: Players 2-8
Full contact racing where changing cars can make the difference 2-8
Shift race
Checkpoint Rush

Team Racing: Players 4-8
fast-paced team races putting a premium on coordination and driving skill 4-8
Relay race
Team Rush

So far its been awesome fun.

The single player game had a couple of easy missions mostly to get you used to how the shift function works, and the classic lose the police by keeping out of their red zone by looking on the map, except this time obviously you can drive other cars to ram and block the police, though the AI driving your main car in the mean time is a little bit annoying driving down places you didn’t want.

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