Google Maps goes 8-bit fools ya fools

Google love their april fools (TiSP, free broadband install see here), and their homage to all things cool, like the playable pacman game in place of Google on the homepage one May 22nd 2010 (still playable here).

google maps 8-bit
But this year they’ve gone all out with an 8-bit layer to google maps that makes it look a lot like an old top down Zelda adventure on the NES.

Check out the following youtube video with an old Japanese Famicon (this was a NES in western regions, and was more gray and cuboid like).

If the above video doesn’t play, try blowing in a random slot on you computer :p.

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  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Ha ha! I thought you might do something on this one!

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