Smooth McGroove Strikes Again

So basically, roughly once a month someone posts a Smooth McGroove joint on tumblr and i then have another random trawl through his past offerings. And that’s what happened tonight. So here are some current gems that have been on the playlist – all themed in honour (somehow) of the desert island discs – or perhaps offering inspiration?

oh ps – diki, i can’t remember the rules for posting embedded youtube. reminder?!

Streets of Rage 2 – from the jackass list over down there someplace.

Tetris – original Game Boy edition – didn’t even consider this for the list. But if it’s as good as i remember, it should TOTALLY be on the list. Course, every time i’ve tried to play it since it has sucked – but that’s because all the iOS ports and random mod versions i’ve played have been jank. what i need is a proper old school game boy, and a proper old school Tetris.

Sonic the Hedgehog – OK, so not actually the game you mentioned, but linked. This is one of Smooth’s finer pieces in my opinion. The bass line is particularly cheeky – and that bridge section with the fast “baa’s”? Genius. (His Green Hill Zone is actually better – he even gets the characteristic Megadrive “thwong” feel of the tune. But everyone posts Green Hill Zone, so let’s be different eh?)

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