Funny how many of these I never saw…


Seems like every year or so, some smart alec posts a pic of a Game & Watch that I never saw. I thought I’d seen em all – but that there was basically only about four. The browny-yellowy Donkey Kong one, which I think I still have somewhere, the Snoopy tennis one, a Donkey Kong Jr. one, which definitely existed as I think I have that too though it might not have been Donkey Kong and just some other monkey, and then that red Mario Bros crate-stacking one that my sister had after she was in hospital that I dropped in a canal that time.

And that’s it.

Except, here’s another shmo rocking up with a freakin’ awesome Zelda badboy that I’ve never seen! Though actually, from the screen decals it looks pretty lame. But still, Zelda baby!

Were there others> Is my memory just being lame ass?

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6 Responses to Funny how many of these I never saw…

  1. bedgell says:

    oh man wait! i just went on google and spotted bomb sweeper – MAN! that was like pure gold dust in school. some kid had it but no one else had ever seen it, or could find it, and getting a go on it was like a religious experience… bomb sweeper. woof.

  2. bedgell says:

    and then suddenly i’m on ebay bidding on bomb sweeper… hehe… aah the internet…

    • Dibbs says:

      These were pretty good back in the day. I remember Robert Delgarno had the Mario one and I was so hyped to be playing Mario while sitting on a coach – it was like the future had arrived! Course the Gameboy was around, but I’d never played one at the time, obviously.

      Actually, I believe Sarah has a couple of these. Can’t remember which, but one is boxed and very nice!

  3. bedgell says:

    on some website they’re going for like 250 quid. though they’re cheaper on ebay. the boxed and mint ones are probably proper money though… the weird thing i always remember is that the buttons felt really nice. they were this really soft kind of rubber or plastic or something. kinda squishy.

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