Minecraft Goes Ghibli


I’m impressed by Minecraft, and the crazy buh that people make on it. But I generally don’t give a tiny rat’s ass about seeing the fiftieth packing castle that some tweenie in Alabama has spent his better years creating. I admire their dedication. But other games have environments a million times better so why should some blocky nonsense float my boat?

Well. Now it does. Because now one of those crazy minecrafters has gone and crafted the whole freakin’ village from Spirited Away. And kudos to em, they’ve done a bang-up job. I mean, it’s still kinda pointless – but I kinda get the point of this.

And it is impressive. I could never even get past making an oven. Seen any other good ones?

more pics here.

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2 Responses to Minecraft Goes Ghibli

  1. Dibbs says:

    I wish I could remember Spirited Away. I think I would appreciate this piece of Minecraftery a bit more.

    Minecraft is a funny one. It’s weird coz even Alfie and his friends are all really into it. Not that they do anything really constructive. They built a football stadium and surrounding village once that was ok, but mostly they just wander about. In between bouts of lining EA’s pockets buying FIFA Ultimate Team coins of course. Those kids have no idea the evil they’re funding, or how they’re giving all their money to EA for basically nothing. One of them once tried to explain to me that EA were ok. Poor kid. Alfie has actually even paid the 800 points to change his gamer tag on several occasions, all close variants of stuff like xXNiNjaZSkiLLZzzXxXx or something from what I’ve seen. Obviously worth the money. Honestly, I can understand how these companies are getting away with the DLC and Microtransaction crap from watching them. Someone’s gotta stop them! Sigh…

  2. lartens says:

    sounds like we need to create the grigorig foundation for educating young gamers in the modern world

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