Back to the future goodness

Bit late as news, but as i bought this on steam the other day i must say i’m lovin’ it, cheeky humour, iconic audio treats, in a nicely drawn point and click little shindig.

Anyway the news is that it’s coming to the US PSN on February 15th for $20. Apparently we may expect it in Europe shortly after but haven’t found any info on that.

It’s my understanding that the price includes the 4 other monthly episodes, which is good news as it was about £16.99 on steam and I wasn’t sure if i’d be paying more. wether or not PSN Europe gets the 20% discount is anybodys guess, but i reckon price tag steam had is worth it for all 5, if just for the blend of new and nostalga alone.

Apparently the co creator and writer of the original trilogy Bob Gale had some input to the game, listed on as supervising writer of episode 1.

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