Reeder for iphone (RSS) and the wordpress app

So just to make things clear and easy, this is an rss feed reader on iphone, i use this all the time for my favourite feeds, its about £1.79 i think, or it was. basically i use this and attach it to my gmail account so that whenever i subscribe to a feed when browsing the internet i keep informed whenever i check the app. It doesn’t seem to do push notifications though, atleast not on my ipod with os 3. whatever. But check it out

To subscribe on you have the option of the full feed or if you are on one of the category pages you should be able to subscribe just to that category.

It’s reeder with a double ee if searching on the app store from the iphone, and its by Silvio Rizzi.

In recent months it’s added readability function with a little R button in the top right that tries to grab the main text and display it withing the app at a readable size, this is in preference to going straight to the site and the text being small, the app does link the post to the sites though if you wanted.

The wordpess app on the iphone can be a bit buggy, but what i think is the official one is by automatic. So you can approve comments, and blog form your iphone using this app

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