Konami Show I’m Over The Silent Hill


Silent Hill scares the bejesus outta me. Fog? Monsters? Weirdass sirens going off all over the show? That’s enough for me. So I’m none too pleased at the news that Silent Hill: Downpour (number eight in the franchise) is creeping its heinous way to the next-gens in the Autumn. Even less happy to hear the composer behind TV’s psycho-serial Dexter is behind the in-game music. And positively bricking it at the concept that six brand-spankers new screens are poised just after the jump.

Luckily for anyone wanting to avoid the horrors of returning to Silent Hill, though, these are positively the worst promo screen shots I ever did see – making Silent Hill look about as petrifying as a brochure for the Lake District.

Konami would like us to know that the game’s about Murphy Pendleton, a convict who gets stranded in the fog when his prison transport crashes in the woods. But instead they shove us some pics of, erm, something that’s black (?!?!) and some random postman. The hell?! Even I’m not scared by these shots! (Well, maybe a bit of the postman. He looks like he wouldn’t take no buh off your postbox…)

So, has anyone seen any worse pics than these? Ping em to ben@grigorig.com and we’ll show Konami how it’s done…



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2 Responses to Konami Show I’m Over The Silent Hill

  1. lartens says:

    maybe this is the calm before the storm, or maybe this is the newest in promo techniques, you know get some buz about how uneventful the screenshots are then BAM WAM KABLOOEY, hit you with it’s best shot! eh?

  2. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    This series is still going? I’d have thought Konami might want to direct their efforts into more worthwhile persuits. Like firing Seabass.

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