All Quiet On The Western Grig


So I noticed that we’ve posted on the Grig every month this year up to September – but got grooning close to missing October!

Well not on my watch Griggateers! For here is a totally pointless post on Alien Isolation! Hurrah!

Basically, should I get this sucker? And let’s think practically here. I love Aliens, and all things Nostromo / Ripley / concentrated acid for blood. And I love gaming. But I also have a very limited attention span and even less time. So I love gaming if it fits into random five minute sections on a lonely Thursday night. So, Ni No Kuni sits unplayed after only a few hours, the Last of Us likewise – though that was at least partly due to its mega glitches on my PS3 – and I’ve not even loaded up the Battlefield game I got free with my eBay Playstation…

So would Alien Isolation ever get a proper run through?

Quite possibly not. But does it matter? Let’s assume I can get it at some ok price of around £35 dibbers. Just being able to boot up and exist in that world whenever I want, in 55-inch HD no less, might be worth it all on its own. I remember that I played Alien 3 on the SNES a lot more than its awkward controls and volatile difficulty settings really deserved – just to hear the motion detector beep, and the Alien scream, and feel the joy of a much loved franchise. (ironically true, given that game’s abandonment of the third film in favour of IP from the second…)

So it’s a conundrum! Answers on a postcard if you very much please…

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4 Responses to All Quiet On The Western Grig

  1. lartens says:

    Haha, Matt and I were talking last week about a post every month, well done benny, saving it. Well I’m going the wait for steam sale route, and the. I’ll probably try it with the rift dk1, but I definately want you. Chris seems to be terified of it, and I must admit after played ng The Last of Us i am really looking forward to anither gripping game. Though dude, when I get my living room set up we have got to do some COD.

    I’d say get it, but wait till you have time, then it may be cheaper.

  2. bedgell says:

    I mean, my favourite part of this post is definitely the bit where you say you want me. I’ve been waiting a long time for that, baby… Other than – decided I am gonna get it. I’ve got holiday coming up so it’s worth a whirl… Was gonna get it today but then it started raining so… Plus, £32 in sainsbury’s- that’s a sign right there…!

  3. bedgell says:

    So I figured you’d all enjoy an alien isolation update. I did indeed purchase it and… It does indeed sit almost unplayed on my bedside cabinet.

    Total play to date equals that stint we did at yours, gooberchops, so that’s what, a couple of hours? Enough to know it is indeed scary as frick; and it is indeed very demanding of my time… One day, peeps, one day…

  4. lartens says:

    I got it for the xbox one on the lightning deal, stealbook version for 25. Haven’t picked it up from moms yet, but for the next 30 hours its only 15 on steam. Now i’m torn. The xbox one does need a reason to exist. But I just like to have steam games as its attached to the account. Bah

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