All Quiet On The Western Grig


So I noticed that we’ve posted on the Grig every month this year up to September – but got grooning close to missing October!

Well not on my watch Griggateers! For here is a totally pointless post on Alien Isolation! Hurrah!

Basically, should I get this sucker? And let’s think practically here. I love Aliens, and all things Nostromo / Ripley / concentrated acid for blood. And I love gaming. But I also have a very limited attention span and even less time. So I love gaming if it fits into random five minute sections on a lonely Thursday night. So, Ni No Kuni sits unplayed after only a few hours, the Last of Us likewise – though that was at least partly due to its mega glitches on my PS3 – and I’ve not even loaded up the Battlefield game I got free with my eBay Playstation…

So would Alien Isolation ever get a proper run through?

Quite possibly not. But does it matter? Let’s assume I can get it at some ok price of around £35 dibbers. Just being able to boot up and exist in that world whenever I want, in 55-inch HD no less, might be worth it all on its own. I remember that I played Alien 3 on the SNES a lot more than its awkward controls and volatile difficulty settings really deserved – just to hear the motion detector beep, and the Alien scream, and feel the joy of a much loved franchise. (ironically true, given that game’s abandonment of the third film in favour of IP from the second…)

So it’s a conundrum! Answers on a postcard if you very much please…

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