Catherine Craziness Coming

There’s been a lot of FPS-love floating around Grig Towers of late – so now for something completely different. And we mean completely different.

Catherine is a “relationship horror” – an exploration of fidelity that sees you guiding lead man, Vincent as he plunges into the moral morasse of a fiendish love triangle. Does he stick with his loving, but increasingly demanding lady-friend Katherine, or plunge into the exciting world of the temptress, Catherine? As the game progresses, Vincent’s guilt grows and starts to leak into his dreams, manifesting as horribly disfigured monsters and a ticking clock. You make his choices and evade his horrors in a highly stylized concept piece based around “intense, terror-filled gameplay”.

Yep, OK, we’ve no idea what any of that means either, but with direction from Katsura Hashino, and lush character art from Shigenori Soejima, it’s certainly shaping up as pretty goddamn exciting. I’m thinking Snatcher and all that mid-90s Konami madness. Scheduled for summer release on Xbox 360 and PS3 through Atlus USA, stay tuned to the Grig for all the latest…

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