unreal engine 3 is epic hehe

So last week at the game developer conference (GDC) epic showcased 2 minutes of samaritan, this is not a game, but an unveiling of some awesome new developments in what the unreal engine 3 can do utilizing directx11, apparently this little sucka takes 3 high end graphics cards to run. Made by a 12 man team over a couple of months, theres a smoking guy and some bad ass effects, there was a dodgy camera phone video showing it off last weak, but Epic have now released the video over on youtube.

In the march beta of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) some of these cool new fetures have been added. The UDK is a development kit that epic have released for free for educational use, if anapplication is to be commercially sold then there are some licinsing aggreements of a one off $99 for a development seat and then 25% of earnings after $50,000. so freebies and low selling applications are cheap licensing for such a powerful development environment

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2 Responses to unreal engine 3 is epic hehe

  1. bedgell says:

    some of the shizzle in the new engine is awes. course, i’m doubting this sucka would run on my little beaut. hehe

    • lartens says:

      hehe, this wouldn’t even run on my machine if i had 3 of the graphics cards that ive got. though my mobo only has slots for 2 anyway, and even then i don’t think it has a realistic amount of space between the two slots to actually do that. hoping theres enough room for a colossus, if hauppauge release it over here that is. Colossus is a 1080i component/unencrypted hdmi pvr. its like the usb version but pci e. i think its pci e anyway.

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