Alice? Who the Grig is Alice?

Who doesn’t love the dark? All the cool shizzle goes down in the shadows, and all the best art is tinged with menace. So American McGee’s Alice, a curiously psychotic take on the Lewis Caroll classic, was always going to be a hit with darkhearted PC gamers when it crawled from its eerie little corner back in 2000. But could it cut it for a sequel? Things have changed, and the world is a crueller place. 9/11? Tsunamis in Japan? The storyline off Eastenders where that woman gone done nicked that other one’s bebby. Times are harsh – *shudder*.

Thankfully, your man McGee is no shrinking violet. When evil ups the ante, your man pulls out the emotional trauma. Alice: Madness Returns drops in on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2011, a neat 10 years after the original concluded with our heroine losing her family to a fatal fire and, oop, she’s been in an insane asylum since then. Now she’s out, and seeking to find out what happened to her kin – embarking on a fiendish mission through nightmarish hallucinations that see her, and the game, jumping from the cold shadows of London to the fractured glories of the Wonderland.

Anyhoo, so far we’ve only seen the teasers from GDC – so you can catch up on the weird right here in about ooh, one minute and sixteen. But if the mix of beat-em-up battling and machine-gun-tastic action whets your appetite, stay tuned to the GRiG – we’ll have all your sadistic needs covered til this puppy’s released later this year.

The Great HallThe DuelHobby HorseGiant AliceExecutioner Pit

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  1. lartens says:

    is that a rail gun in your pocket or’re you just pleased to see me.

    This looks tantilisingly interesting. have to keep a keen eye on this one.

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