Zelda Makes Old Woman Sad – And She Blogs On WordPress

So the Zelda challenge hits snag Number One: Games Crib didn’t have it. And this, as we all know, makes old ladies cry.

Still, chin up dears – the hunt is half the fun of retro gaming adventures. It’s always good being back in a shop that does nothing but – and Games Crib ticks the boxes. Consoles, fripperies, old N64 joysticks that even lartens wouldn’t have bought. We’ll be back.

And some better news to perk up a rainy Zelda-less Sunday – WordPress has a funky iPhone app that means you’ll be hearing plenty from old Benny. Easy linkup to your blog, easy preview, and best of all: free! (just one hope for updates – better image placement functions…)

And news about free apps, as we all know, makes old Ladies smile…

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11 Responses to Zelda Makes Old Woman Sad – And She Blogs On WordPress

  1. Ben says:

    Course, it seems I’m publishing every picture in iPhone resolution – but all credit to WordPress there is an option to change that, so maybe one I stop beig a dunce these posts’ll look more glam!

        • lartens says:

          You’re like a 1 man army on the blogging front today, nearly tested the 5 levels allowed for nested comments all by yourself lol. That games store said they might be able to fix my old nintendo consoles for 15 bad boys per machine. Obviously i’ll try to fix it myself when i get the chance. But the nes and snes ca. Go for like 40-70 squid on the bay so i don’t wanna be buying more. Though i am looking for a nes with rhe turtles box like i had originally.
          Adding on a comment on the wordpress app, for editing already published posts it always gives me the wrong post title, bit screwed up that.
          Good blogging dude, though if u use the same email in the commenting and not 3 different ones. 1 of which doesnt exist, then i wouldnt have to approve them first lol

  2. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    What’s happened here today? The blogs exploded! I wonder if we’d have bought one of those NES’s from the indoor market and taken it to that shop for fixing they would have been able to do anything with it? Probably not, but who knows!

    • lartens says:

      maybe worth a go. i might end up dumping mine with them and see what happens, don’t really have the time to look at them myself, though i did get that special screw driver to take them appart. And i do like to do things myself. i should add a projects page. i’m also gonna add a page for development of my final year project as apparently that would be good.

  3. Ben says:

    Couldn’t be bothered typing my email in – but then it wouldn’t let me post without it so just bungee any old rubbish in there!! Ha hha

  4. Ben says:

    *bunged!! Aaargh iPhone you suck!!

    And look, we’re on the 7th layer of comments!!

  5. Ben says:

    I’ll write one ten you write one – and I think you KNOW the words…

    (a reference from which guns n roses track?!)

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