XNA for xbox maybe more hidden, but Microsoft haven’t forgotten us

In a surprise post on the msdn blogs, the might Microsoft have listened to feedback from the XNA creators club app hub community, and finally upped the maximum file size form a mear 150MB to 500MB, not only that but the 80MS prove point can now be on files up to 150MB, before anything over 50MB had to be 240 or 400.

This is great news along with another new maximum, the number of games a developer could publish on XBOX Live Indie Games used to be just 10, if and developers had anymore games they would have to setup another subscription for the development platform, but this threshold has been doubled to 20 titles, how’s that for high digs.

Of course the grigorigs own developers “Aminal Team”/”Team Aminal” only have 1 game published, that i don’t recommend getting until i update it, but there’s more in the pipe line, like a beach volleyball game with manga style girls, oh yes, call that one exclusive scoop for the grigorig team. There’s also the chu chu rocket rip off that i started at uni, let’s just sweap that one under the rug for now. Unfortunately this new found full time employment thing has crippled the game creating/playing/bloging/and everything else duties i was once almost on top of, but i’m sure eventually it will be done.

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